new look

yep, here it is – Cube News 1 redux, supercharged, revamped. More changes and features to come!

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  1. Things have been busy ‘behind the scenes’ — I hope to have some new stuff posted this week, and a new episode next week though 🙂

  2. Hello Cube News Kim,

    You are great! I think that your videos are great!

    I very much enjoy your work. You are talented, funny, and

    smart. You speak well in your videos too, there are no Umms

    or Uhhs in your dialogue, which shows good articulation.

    You are ready for the BIG TIME… I’m talkin’ tv, movies,

    commercials, and more. You are just as talented as many of

    the actors in tv and movies today. With your personality

    and talent, you could do well….so go for it Kim!


    Portland,Oregon USA

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