Cubegirl: And Benefits For All

In this episode Cubegirl takes on The Chairman and his minions – without the aid of her super gadgets! Sounds like some hand-to-hand combat is in store…

Special thanks to:
Grant Boerner as “Izzy” ** Grant also helped write and shoot this episode
Beth Eyler as “Daria”
Edgar Cayago as “Edgar”
Daniel Ortiz as “EVP”
John Mitchell as “Blind Temp”
And once again, Robert Christophe stepping out from behind the scenes to do battle as “The Assistant”

One Reply to “Cubegirl: And Benefits For All”

  1. Lol! Hi! I just watched this on youtube, and I just watched it again!
    I just got the last part, he was a blind guy. Oh.
    Its always good to re-watch episodes, because you might miss out on things!
    I love where the show is going, and I wish it much continued success.
    I will tell my friends about this episode, I’m sure they will get a good laugh.
    Honestly, your show, as a whole, from cube girl super hero to cube lady informer, is better then most shows found on t.v. nowadays.
    I love all the characters in these episodes.

    Take care
    all the best!

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