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Dirty. Filthy. Messy. The video!

If you create a mess in your workplace microwave…but no one sees you do it…can you walk away from it?  Check out what Kim has to say about the sorry state of the office microwave in this episode from Cube News 1!

3 Responses to “Dirty. Filthy. Messy. The video!”

  1. 1 xOREGx

    Awesome as ever. But Kim – you or your video editing minion has to find away to get rid of those “comb artefacts” (resulting from filming interlaced and uploading progressive). … Just my five pence about an otherwise perfectly funny episode.

  2. 2 admin

    xOREGx – perhaps I should be exporting de-interlaced? The master exported file looks fabulous on my computer, but by the time YouTube, blip and the others re-compress it, well…I am the editing minion and happy to try other export specs if you have suggestions. Feel free to post here or email me.

  3. 3 Jim Fowler

    Cube News is great and so are the topics, I am impresed that you do your own editing and what an outstanding editor you are, Keep it up,


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