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Office Attire: Do-Not-Wear List

Wondering what Human Resources meant by that “Casual Friday” memo? Check out Kim’s advice on Office Attire “Do-Not-Wear” lists in this new episode of Cube News 1:

5 Responses to “Office Attire: Do-Not-Wear List”

  1. 1 ellemck

    Agreed on dress code… so bad at the office. And yay! You got my email… :)

  2. 2 Ryan

    The wrinkled shirt is my favorite, not overtly bad but still bad.

  3. 3 Don in LA

    We had a girl come in on a Saturday – she had been partying on Friday night and some where along the evening lost her shoes, bra and panites. She also never got home replace them or fine new. (sent her home by the way – people were staring)

  4. 4 admin

    Wow Don, that take’s a special night of partying to lose all that. Oddly, it’s the shoeless part that really boggles the mind — if someone shows up to work barefoot and thinks it’s in the realm of OK…well then the alcohol must still be flowing!

  5. 5 Stormy

    I live in Austin. Flip Flops are appropriate wedding wear.

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