About Us

Kim Waldauer and Robert Christophe are the duo behind Cube News 1. They live in Los Angeles and are part of the “I Do It All” movement — they write, act, produce…sew costumes, build sets… They have worked together as creative partners for years, collaborating on pieces for the stage, big screen, small screen, and those itty bitty cell phone sized screens.

The Cube News 1 and The Adventures of Cubegirl videos have been picked as favorites by The Wall Street Journal, Time.com and Yahoo; Glamour Magazine named Cubegirl one of YouTube’s funniest of 2007, and they have been featured on the homepages of CNN, YouTube, Revver, blip.tv, Veoh, Brightcove, and JustForLaughs. The videos have been viewed millions of times and are consistently honored as a top viewed Comedian and Partner on YouTube.

Kim grew up in the ‘burbs of Philadelphia and has her BFA from the University of the Arts. She honed her improv skills by making up Colonial history while working as a horse-and-buggy tour guide in Philly. She enjoys yoga, is a pushover for stray animals, and runs a 4-minute mile downhill.

Robert grew up in Muskegon, Michigan. His first feature film role was in Fallen, where he shot scenes opposite Denzel Washington. Robert was the shadow. Yes, the dark blur you see on the ground. He still gets residuals for it. He enjoys camping, tending to his bonsai collection, and has an irrational fear of tunnels.

Q: Is Cube News 1 inspired by real life?
A: Long story kinda short: Kim was at a day job in a cubicle at a Big Corporation …which slowly began to suck the soul out of her…which began to depress Robert…who finally convinced her to quit, and then realized “your misery would be funny on camera” and Cube News 1 began. Early episodes griped about personal matters, but they quickly jumped over the cubicle partition as viewers wrote in with their own stories of workplace woes.

Q: When will The Adventures of Cubegirl become a tv sitcom?
A: When Comedy Central, HBO, and the rest of them take our calls. We’re trying.

Q: I hear Kim does stand-up comedy.
A: Yep, she can be seen around clubs in Los Angeles.

Q: I thought I saw Robert in a Cubegirl episode.
A: That’s not a question. And yes you did. He did the big fight sequence with Kim in episode #2 “And Benefits For All”. Although he prefers to stay behind the camera these days, Robert is no stranger to acting – he spent years performing on stage (think impressive shows like lots of Shakespeare and Tom Stoppard), he’s into martial arts, and he can even mime (you should see his man-in-a-box).

Q: Are the shows scripted?
A: Cube News 1 is all improv, and we have the unused footage to prove it. The Adventures of Cubegirl is scripted.

Q: How big of a budget do you work with?
A : For Cube News 1, usually $0, unless Kim feels compelled to buy a new shirt. For The Adventures of Cubegirl we get wild and crazy and build the sets, buy swords, and even feed our actors. In lieu of funding from big time VCs, we have a yard sale.

Q: You should have sponsors, product placements, or a big Hollywood producer!
A: We agree! Wow, who’s writing these questions?

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