Ick Factor – new video

Over the years, the Cube News 1 inbox has received many emails about doing your business at your business. That’s right, in this episode I’m finally talking about bathroom etiquette at work. That means we’re on high alert for the ick factor!

Inner Crazies – new video

Cube News 1 viewer Sheldon emails his concern regarding the “Inner Crazies”. What is this, you ask? Well, if you find yourself yelling at your office phone every time it rings, this is one signal that your “inner crazies” have come out for all your co-workers to stare at! Check out the latest episode:

Cubegirl VS. The Rambler

The Adventures of Cubegirl is back with the new episode Cubegirl Vs. The Rambler.
When Randy the Rambler wreaks havoc on the lives of office workers with his endless tangents, Cubegirl is summoned to save the day — if she can!

Featuring Roy Nyberg as Randy the Rambler,  Nikki Muller as Lucy, Rich Pierre Louis as Luis, Grant Boerner as Izzy, and a cameo by Robert. Written by Kim & Robert; directed by Robert; edited by Kim.

Buddha Boss – video

Congrats to our viewer Amy who got the Big Promotion to Bossdom! It leads her to ponder…what kind of boss will she be?!?! Watch the latest in the Cube News 1 series: