The Adventures of Cubegirl

The character “Cubegirl” was created as an after thought to the Cube News 1 “Invisi-Wall” episode. We shot the whole thing, broke the set down (meaning we took the clip lights and microphones off the bookcase) and thought ‘how funny would it be to have a superhero alter ego?’ One quick trip to a costume store and Cubegirl was created. She returned to Cube News 1 in “Office Politics”  and “The Cube De-Coder” with more advice. Viewer support skyrocketed, and discussions about her super powers and super gadgets began.  Now we are excited to launch a series of episodes dedicated exclusively to The Adventures of Cubegirl!

Favorite gadget: Cube-Corder
Weakness: Gypsum dust is to Cubegirl as Kryptonite is to Superman
Mantra: Saving the World, One Cubicle At A Time
Speed Factor: Collates faster than a speedy copy machine

Buy Cubegirl merchandise here! (C’mon, who doesn’t want a Cubegirl magnet?!?)

Cubegirl: The Origins

Cubegirl: And Benefits For All

Cubegirl: Wanted

Cubegirl: Conundrum

Cubegirl Goes To Wall St

Whack Wall Street

Cubegirl: A Super-Match

Cubegirl VS. The Rambler

Cubegirl and The Speed of Smell

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